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Our Restaurant, The 19th Hole is Open Year Round. Everyone Welcome!

You don't have to be a golfer to enjoy our good home cooked English cuisine.

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About The Town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

The Town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia is the perfect place to plan your next vacation, holiday or family get-together! A small sea-side Town steeped in history and tradition, Annapolis Royal and its residents know how to treat a visitor. After all, we have been doing it for more then 400 years!

Other small towns have nothing on Nova Scotia's Annapolis Royal. When we say everything is within walking distance, we mean it! The Town itself offers a host of activities and events that can keep you busy for the duration of your stay, all in a 2 km radius. Add together all the other attractions and activites in the area (within 30 minutes) and you could spend your entire summer in the area, without repeating the same activity.

Idyllically situated between mountain and sea, Annapolis Royal offers a stunning waterfront shopping area, an enviable selection of restaurants and world class accommodations plus a streetscape that has been designated a National Historic District and icon Nova Scotia tourism. Important heritage sites, an exciting arts community and theatre, together with wonderful recreational opportunities all combine to make Annapolis Royal the ideal holiday destination!

Local Climate

Annapolis Royal experiences warm summers but usually not too hot because of the sea-side location and the proximity to the cooler waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. June, July and August normally bring high temperatures of 20C to 23C. Evenings are cooler (9C to 13C) and you will likely want to pack sweater or light jacket, although it is not always necessary to wear them.

Winters in Annapolis Royal are usually cold and snowy. Storms that move up the Atlantic Seaboard including Nor'easters often affect Annapolis Royal. Snowfall totals in December, January and February normally average 50cm to 64cm, while daytime temperatures during these winter months are normally near or below 0C.

Tropical depressions, tropical storms can affect Annapolis Royal during the season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. The Town normally sees about 670mm of rain over the course of the season. The surrounding mountains can help shelter the Town from higher winds.

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